Industry Application

Make the production line uninterrupted, Increase productivity, Employees do not need to do repetitive work and avoid fatigue and production accidents, High accuracy and consistency, Reduce error.

  1. Gluing
  2. Machine Tending
  3. Quality Inspection
  4. Pick and Place
  5. Welding
  6. Spraying
  7. Nut Runner

Medical Industry Application

A single controller controls multiple robots. High accuracy and stability can meet the demands of medical surgery applications.

Based on EtherCAT communication, excellent control performance and higher communication rate make the precise remote control possible.

  1. Surgical Robot
  2. Remote Diagnostic Ultrasound System

Service Industry

The features of security, ease of use, and intelligence enable robot to realize its application in the service industry and provide more possibilities for future service.


Supports ROS and provides numerous functional interfaces, Supports two programming languages, C++ and Python, which facilitate secondary development and contribute to robot research and teaching.


Relieves researchers from repetitive work and improves the objectivity of analysis and testing process.